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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Kiss Me

Kiss Me

Supplies Neeed :

Scrap Kit: Love Me Green by Vishuous Phury Designs at Whimsical Divas
Mask:158 by my all time fav WeeScotlass
Tube: Heaven or Hell 02 by the talented Ismael Rac
Animation Shop
Eye Candy 4000 Gradient Glow

Open new blank image 500x500 and flood fill white.
Create a new raster layer, selections, select all >
Copy and paste VPD  Love Me Green TS Papers02 into selection > select none >
merge group > duplicate > on the bottom mask layer adjust - add/remove noise
 - Gaussian - monochrome - 49% > on your top mask apply noise once more but adjust to 60% >
copy and paste VPD  Love Me Green TS Elements26 as new layer > resize 50% > apply gradient glow to the frame
with the following settings :

Hide your two mask layers and make your frame active > magic wand and select inside the frame >
selections > modify > expand 15 > new raster layer > make sure the new layer is active and paste
VPD  Love Me Green TS Papers05 into selection > position behind frame > select none > copy and paste HeavenOrHellHD02
as new layer > resize 70% > position behind frame and center> duplicate tube and move one
tube above frame > add a drop shadow to this bottom layer > hide top tube layer > with your eraser tool
erase the bottom half of tube that hangs beneath the frame > make top tube visible > erase part of the tube that hangs over the bottom half of frame >copy and paste VPD  Love Me Green TS Elements112 as new layer > resize 30% and add gradient glow as before > position in bottom right corner > copy and paste VPD  Love Me Green TS Elements83 as new layer > resize 50%
and add gradient glow > duplicate and mirror > merge the two together and position at top of frame beneath
all by the mask > copy and paste VPD  Love Me Green TS Elements109 > resize 50% and gradient glow > position on left side and duplicate > move one layer beneath the frame and paper and leave one on top of frame > with your eraser tool erase on the top layer the part that comes up over the dress >

copy and paste VPD  Love Me Green TS Elements122 as new layer > resize 20% > gradient glow > position at bottom right of frame > copy and paste VPD  Love Me Green TS Elements19 as new layer > resize 10 % and position at the top right of your hat > gradient glow > copy and paste VPD  Love Me Green TS Elements81 as new layer > gradient glow > resize 15% position as show > ADD ALL © and any txt you wish.

Open Animations shop > make sure your top mask layer is hidden and copy merge > paste into animation shop as new animation > back in psp make your hidden mask layer visible and hide the other > paste after current frame in animation shop > save.

All through all done :)

Friday, April 12, 2013



Supplies Needed:

PTU Scrap Kit Hollywood Glam by WickedPrincess ...You can grab it
Tube of Choice. I am using the beautiful work of Jessica Daugherty titled Ruby Martini
Mask 144 by MY ALL TIME FAVORITE MASK MAKER .... WeeScotLass
Eye Candy 4000 - Gradient Glow and Xenofex 2 - Constilation

Open new blank canvas 500x500
New raster layer and flood fill black
New raster layer > selections > select all > copy and paste WP_GH_PP1 into selection >
selection > select none > layers > new mask layer from image > make sure source luminance is selected and invert
mask data is NOT selected > merge group > rename this layer mask > duplicate > on the bottom layer (original mask)
apply Alien Skin Xenofex 2 Constellation with the following settings :
On your top mask layer > adjust > add/remove noise with the settings set to random and monochrome selected and 50% > merge down > copy and paste tube as new layer > resize 90% and position at the top and center of tag > copy and paste WP_HG_HEARTBOWFRAME as new layer and resize 70% > drop shadow set to white, opacity 83, blur 90 and make sure the drop shadow is on an new layer > duplicate heart layer and position one above the tube and one below > on top layer erase the top part of the heart covering her head and hair > make tube layer active and erase the part of her arm and body sticking out from the heart on the left > copy and paste WP_HG_FAN as new layer > position as top layer > mirror > resize 30% > apply Eye Candy Gradient Glow with the following settings :

Copy and paste WP_HG_FLOWERS1 as new layer > resize 30% > grad. glow same settings > position behind fan and on the right > duplicate > mirror and reposition on the left of fan as shown :
merge the flowers and fan down into one image > duplicate > mirror and position as shown :
Copy and paste WP_HG_CHERRIES as new layer > resize 30% > position below all layers except the background and mask and position as shown.

Add any text you wish AND ALL © INFO !!

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Hollywood Love Affair


Open a new transparent canvas 500x500
Copy and paste WP_HG_POLOROID as new layer.
Rename layer "frame" and resize 70%. Make sure all layers is not selected.
With your frame layer selected go to your Eye Candy 4000 and select gradient glow
Apply the following settings :
Glow Width : 3
Soft Corners : 75
Overall Opacity : 100
Draw only outside selection : check
In the color tab select FAT and both colors should be black. Apply
Now copy and paste WP_GH_PP8 as a new layer and resize 50%.
 Position the paper layer behind the frame and adjust the size so it covers the
entire opening on both frames. Now duplicate this layer and name
 Paper 1 and 2. Hide the paper layers.
Make your frame layer active and with your magic wand tool select the inside of the frame.
Selections, modify, expand by 7 now invert.
Make your paper 1 layer active and hit the delete bottom.
Select none. Now repeat the section steps on the other side of the frame.
On the top paper layer merge down so both papers are one now.
Okiedokie now then .. take your close up tube and copy and paste as new layer. Position
this into one of the frames to your liking. You may want to shrink it some or just leave it the way it is.
 I just left mine be. Now we are going to do the "paper/frame" steps again but this time with just the frame and tube.
Hide your tube layer and paper, select your frame layer, magic wand inside the frame, modify,
 expand, invert. Make the tube layer active and delete. Now repeat with the other side.
You may want to mirror the image. When you paste the tube layer, this time make sure your Raster layer is selected before you do so.
Merge your 2 tube layer together and make sure that layer is selected.
Crop around the entire tag. Duplicate your tube layer and on the top layer change
your blend mode to overlay. Merge the 2 tube layers again. Now merge the tube with the paper and then the paper
with the frame. Move your frame layer to the top of your canvas.Copy and paste WP_HG_PIANOKEYS as new layer and resize 70%
add the same gradient glow you placed on the frame. You may need to shrink your keys a pinch.
Copy and paste WP_HG_ROSE, free rotate right 45, resize 25% and position
 in bottom right corner over your piano keys. Duplicate and mirror. Copy and paste WP_HG_STAIRS,
resize 50% and position as bottom layer ... well not behind the raster layer of course. Position as shown above.
With your eraser tool erase the small part of the stairs sticking out behind the frame on the left. Apply  DSB Flux blast with the following settings:
Left and 20 % Copy and paste WP_HG_DIVIDER position behind your stair layer and position so it is peeking out at the top.
Erase all but the very top.Copy and paste WP_HG_CHERRIES and resize 19, gradient glow and position
in the bottom right, right side of frame.
Copy and paste WP_HG_BOW as new layer, resize 19, gradient glow and place at the bottom of left frame.
I just played with the angle until it looked good.
Add any text you would like but make sure to add all  ©