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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Queen Bee


Mask - 301 by Weescotslass found HERE

Kit - Bee-utiful by Jennie D Designs found HERE

Tube by Ismael Rac found HERE

Plugins - Alin Skin Eye Candy 5: Impact Gradient glow
  1. Open a new image 500 - 500 transparent background >> flood fill black
  2. New raster layer >> selection >> select all >> c-n-p paper 10 into selection
  3. New mask layer >> from image >>  WSL_Mask301 >> merge group >> duplicate >> make bottom mask active >> selections none >> effect >> plugins >> Alin Skin Eye Candy 5: Impact >> Gradient glow >>  Settings: Outside selected - Mask selection  - Glow 5.00 - Soften 21 - Overall Opacity 100 - Distortion 29 - Distortion Lump 53 - Smoothness 100 - All colors should be #ffff00 >> merge down
  4. Open frame 3 >> c-n-p as new layer >> re-size 35% (just the frame layer) >> gradient glow same setting as before >> image >> mirror >> position to the right as shown
  5. Open InsaniaMisfit 02 >> hide all layers except tattoo and 6 >> copy merged >> c-n-p into tag and position behind frame as shown 
  6. Hide tube and frame layer >> magic wand tool >> click inside top frame (make sure the frame layer is active) >> hold down the shift key and select inside all of the other frames >> selection >> modify >> expand 6 >> selections >> invert 
  7. Make all layers visible and your tube layer active >> delete >> duplicate tube >> selection >> select none >> change the blend mode of top tube layer to >> multiply >> merge down your top to to bottom tube >> add a drop shadow to frame and merge with tube
  8. Open swirl 1 >> c-n-p >> re-size 50% >> move behind the tube/frame layer >> gradient glow again
  9. Open Bee and Flower >> c-n-p >> re-size 10% and position to your liking
  10. Open InsanieMisfit >> c-n-p >> re-size 80%
  11. Add © info and any other text

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I Give A Hoot

Supplies Needed


Scrap Kit : Give A Hoot 4 Hooters found


BCA Tag Template found


Tube of choice. I am using the artwork of Elias Chatzoudis


1.  Open tag template #3 >> Shift D >> Close original

2.  Delete © info

3.  Make Copy of Vector 6 your active layer >> Selections >> select all >> float >> defloat >> with your paintbrush tool color your selection with #e6a4e4 >> Selection >> select none

4.  Make your Raster 2 layer active >> selections >> select all >> float >> defloat. In you kit folder open up paper tc39 and c-n-p as a  new layer in your tag >> selection >> invert >> make you  paper layer active >> delete >> merge down your paper and raster 2 layer >> adjust >> add/remove noise >> uniform - monochrome - 26

5.    Make your raster layer active >> selections >> select all >> float >> deflaot >> open paper tc40 >> c-n-p as new layer >> selection >> invert >> on  your paper layer delete >> merge down.

6.    Raster 5 >> make this easy and repeat the last two steps with paper tc10.

7.    Select raster 6 >> selection >> select all >> float >> defloat >> flood fill #e6a4e4 >> adjust >> add/remove noise >> uniform - monochrome - 26 >> effects >> 3D >> drop shadow >> 0 - 0 - 100 - 10.00

8.  Open your embellisment folder and grab your triple frame 1 >> Shift D and close original image >> resize frame 531 - 191 >> c-n-p into your tag and position over your raster 7 layer as shown in mine.

9.    Now I have not figured out an easier step for this step so here is goes. I have taken my tube and  pasted it as a new layer >> position one main part behind one window of the frame and hide. Make your raster 10 layer or frame active and with your magic wand selected click inside the window >> selections >> modify >> expand by 2. Go back and make the tube layer visible and active >> selections     >> invert >> delete. Do this with the last two frames using a different part of your tube. Merge these 3 body layers down as one.

10.  Make raster 7 active >> selections >>select all >> float >> defloat >> c-n-p tc10 paper as new layer >> invert and with the paper layer selsted >> delete.

11.  Make raster 12 or your 3 tube piece layer active and duplicate >> top layer change the blend mode to multiply and merge down eith the other 3 piece. Make sure this layer is beneath the frame layer .

12.   Make your frame layer active and add a drop shadow. I used the same as before.

13.  C-N-P your tube into tag and resize width and height by 80%. Resample using Bicubic selected and Lock apect ration should be selceted. The rest deselected.Positon as shown in mine >> duplicate >> top blend mode should be set to multiply >> merge with bottom tube layer.

14.   Make you white circle or raster 4 active >> selection >> select all >> float >> defloat >>   invert >> modify >> contract by 2 >> make your tube  layer active and with your eraser tool selected erase the bottom part of her shorts >> selections >>  select none.

15.   Open up you embellisment file and grab your beadstring 2 >> Shift D and close original resize copy by 10% and place on the right side corner of frame as shown >> add same drop shadow.

16.   Open your bling 2 and c-n-p as new layer pulling it below your raster 12 or 3 piece.

17.  Open ribbon 3 and resize by 30% and position bottom left of frame >> add same drop shadow >>  apply noise same as before.

There you go all done except anywording and DO NOT FORGET ©
I am sure there are steps I forget or things that are not

clear so please feel free to let me know if you need any

help or if you have any suggestions.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

~*~ Rock Candy ~*~

Supplies Needed

Templates and Wordart by Missy (Template 307)
found HERE

Scrap Kit Products by Stacey of Stacey's Designs found


Tube of Choice. I used the artwork of Eos Sparks which you can find

1.     Open up your 307 tag template >> Shift + D >> close original   

    template >> Add a new raster layer and flood fill white >>move    

to bottom.

2.     Select your bottom circle layer >> selections >> seclect all >>

       float >> defloat.

3.    Fill this layer with color of choice. I used a gradient using    

    the colors found in the back wall graffitti image of the tube.
    Adjust >> Add Remove Noise >> Uniform >> Monochrome Checked >>    


4.    Make your circle 2 layer active >> selctions >> select all >>    

    float >> defloat >> add noise with same settings as before >>    

    add drop shadow 0,0,100,29,black >> repeat drop shadow again.

5.    Make your circle 3 layer active >> selections >> select all>>    

    float >>defloat>> add noise with the same settings as before.

6.    Make your glittered circle active >> selections >> select all    

    >> float >> defloat >> add a drop shadow with the same setting    

    but with a blur of 18 >> repeat.

7.    Make your glittered rectangle active and add 2 dropshadows with

    the same settings as all the others.

8.    Make your black rectangle active and ad a drop shadow. You can    

    adjust this how you would like. While you have this selected    

    ...Effects >> 3D Effect >> Chisel >> Size 6 >> Solid >> Pick a    

    color that compliments your tube.

9.    Copy and paste your tube in a place that looks nice. If you are

    using the same image I am place it like I have mine. This was    

    the best place I found.

    Open your embellishments :     SD Doodle
                    SD Tye Dye Lava Lamp
                    SD Tye Dye Peace Sign
                    SD Love Word Art

    Copy and paste each embellishment onto your tag as shown in    

mine. I don't care to much for using the resize tool I just     scale

mine until I like the way it looks. I added drop shadows     to each

10.    Now lets start getting it tidy. Delete the ©layer for the    

    template >> Hide your brush layer and add your tubes © and     

    any other text you would like >> Merge layers visible.

11.    Make your brush layer visible >> copy and paste >> open in    

        animation shop >> Insert image effect >>
    Settings should be : Effect = Rotate Colors
                                 Animation Frame selected
                                 Effect Lenght = 0.5 sec.
                                 Frames Per Sec = 6 fps

12.    Back over to Psp >> hide brush tube again >> copy merged >>    

    paste into Animation Shop. In your animated rotating color    

    image you should have 4 frames, make sure this is correct.

    Over on your tag image >> Edit >> duplicate selected >>    

    duplicate selected again >> now press your arrow key again so    

    that only one frame is selected and duplicate selected again.    

    You should have 4 frames. Move your arrow key so that your    

    first frame is selected >> Edit >> select all >> up on your bar

    next to what looks to be a film strip with a red x click the icon to the left that is
    your Propagate Paste icon.
    Back on your animated frames move to the first frame and select all >> copy.

    Move back to your tag >> with all frames selected paste into    

    selected frames and position onto the black rectangle as shown    

    in mine. Save and you are all done.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My First Tut!

Ok so here is my try at this tut writing business. It is cut short at the bottom due to real life issues that seems to be tearing my heart out. Yea I am belly-achin about it ....soooo?


Kit : Warm Autumn HERE

Tube: Deacon Black's Beeotch found  HERE

Font: I used Giddyup STD

1.  Open new image 600 by 600 transparent background.

2.  Open up frame 4 from your elements folder and press Shift D and resize THE COPY with the following setting

    Pixels selected. Make sure Resample using Bicubic is selected along with
    Lock aspect ration and resize all layers.
    Close the original image.

3.  Copy and Paste onto your blank canvas as a new layer. I like to name my layers so I can keep track
    so rename this layer Frame if you would like.

4.  With your Frame selected go to Image >> Free Rotate >> 10.00 and to the right.

5.  Open up your papers folder and select paper 2 and copy and paste into the tag >> rename paper >> move below frame

6.  Now the easiest way I could do this was go to your frame layer and make sure it is selected. Go to selections >>
    select all >> float >> defloat >> invert. Take you eraser tool and make your active layer the paper layer >>
    Erase all around the OUTSIDE of the frame.

7.  Selection >> select none

8.  Make the frame your active layer and add a drop shadow with the following settings

    Vertical: 0
    Horizontal: 0
    Opacity: 100
    Blur: 12.00
    Color: Black
    I did this on the same layer as the frame.

9.  Open up your Beeeothc tube >> Copy and paste as a new layer in your tag and free rotate 10.00

10. Position in the center of the frame >> duplicate >> drag your bottom bee below the frame and hide. Now on your top bee
    erase her legs so it looks like her bottom half is behind the ribbon and frame. Now I erased only a small bit around her
    hand so it looked as if it were still over the ribbon. This is all up to you though.

11. Make the bottom bee visible and add a drop shadow. Merge the 2 bee tubes and the shadow if it was put on a seperate layer.

12. It is really up to you on what embellisments you would like to use but I have used the following :

    String 1 and 2
    Buttons 1, 2, and 3
    Bird 1 and 2

    There were no special effects done to any of these I just simply resized to the way I liked and added a drop shadow.

Now as of now this is the best my tuts get until I learn how to make them better and my nerves calm down.