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Sunday, January 31, 2010



PTU Scrap kit by Naughty's Creations : Dark Emotions found HERE 
Template 5 ir Mistress also by the wonderful and talented NA found HERE 
Tube of Choice. I am using the artwork of Wikked titled Corset which you can purchase HERE 

Ok lets begin. 
  1. Open template 5.  Shift + D. Close the original
  2. Delete ©
  3. Image > resize >600 x 480 > all layers selected
  4. Make your raster 3 active. Selection > select all > float > defloat.
  5. C-N-P your PP 9 into selection > selections > select none
  6. Select raster 10 > Adjust  > brightness and contrast : 255 - 0
  7. Open your tube > c-n-p as new layer > resize 60%. This time make sure all layers is deselected.
  8. Image canvas size > 600 x 600 we will crop later.
  9. Position tube as shown.
  10. Delete raster 12
  11. Now on rasters 9, 7, and 6 you are going to select > float and flood fill with a purple and black gradient. 
  12. On rasters 9, 5, and 4 you are going to fill with a black add noise to these layers.
  13. Delete Raster 11 and replace with el 27 > flood fill with purple gradient > drop shadow > noise
  14. Open el 40 and resize 35% > free rotate 15 to the right and position as shown > drop shadow
  15. Now because I forgot to like 6 steps ago select layer 2 and flood fill with gradiant and add a drop shadow.
  16. Open el 19 and resize by 20 > position as shown and drop shadow
  17. Open el 14 resize 40 and position as shown. Drop shadow.
  18. Add your © and any other text > crop as needed > save in png format

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Remember Haiti


Tube of choice. I am using the work of Emerald de Leeuw HERE

This scrap kit is a very special tribute to Haiti put together by the wonderful and talented Naughtys Creations. You can get this huge kit HERE
  1. Open blank canvas 550 x 550
  2. Open frame 1 and c-n-p as a new layer into your tag. Resize by 80% making sure the all layers button is deselected. Free rotate 90 to the right.
  3. Open paper 22 and c-n-p as new layer and then hide the layer.
  4. Make your frame layer active and with your magic wand tool select all areas inside the frame. Selections >> select all >> float >> defloat. 
  5. Make your paper layer active, now take your eraser tool and erase the background all the way around your frame and move the paper layer beneath the frame. Selections >> select none.
  6. Copy and paste your tube as a new layer and resize by 80% >> move behind frame and now duplicate your frame layer. Set your layer up so you have frame - tube - frame. Now with your eraser tool erase the top layer frame across her face and then make the tube layer active and erase all of the tube at the bottom that may be hanging out.
  7. C-n-p el87 as a new layer and duplicate and flip, merge down and position below bottom frame.
  8. Open el92 and c-n-p into tag. Position this to be your top layer.
  9. Open el10 and 11 and c-n-p as new layer >> resize 50% and position both as the bottm layer.
  10. Now on this step you can position it wherever you want. C-n-p el1 as a new layer and resize 50% I moved it to the bottom and lowered the opacity to like 50 so I could see her arm. I then erased the flag on her arm.
  11. Add all of your © and text and you are all done.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Chocolate Fantasy


Scrap Kit : Naughty Creation's Chocolate Lover's Dream found  HERE

Vix_Mask317 which you can find HERE 
Tube of choice. I am using Chocolate by Einlee which can be found HERE

1. Open up a new image 500 x 500 with a transparent background.
2. Selections > select all
3. Open papaer cld-pp5 and c-n-p into selction of your tag > Selections > select none
4. Leyers > new mask layer > from image > Vix_Mask 317 - Source luminance > merge group >       rename layer MASK
5. Duplicate your maks layer and rename the copy GLOW > move below the mask layer
6. Make you GLOW layer active > effects > plugins > eye candy 4000 > gradiant glow > color:#c9a389, glow width 5.00, all other settings are default > adjust -add/remove noise - uniform - monochrome - 80 > merge the mask and glow > now take your pick tool or the little arrow and make this layer the same size as the canvas or line the dotted lines up with the edge of the canvas.
7. Open frame cld_fr5 > c-n-p into tag > resize 60% - bicubic - all layers deselected > add a drop shadow to your liking or use the one I did with the settings of 0 - 0 - 100 - 18.00 - #400000 and on a new layer.
8. Hide all layers but your frame > magic wand tool - Replace - RGB Value - 57 - contiguous - feather 0 > click inside of frame > selection > modify > expand - 3 > new raster layer.
9. Open paper cld-pp1 c-n-p into selection of tag > move paper layer below your shadow and frame layer. Do not deselect > New raster layer
10. Open your tube > c-n-p into selection > move beneath the shadow layer and duplicate > on the top tube layer change the blend mode to hard light and merge down.
11. Open cld-el66 > c-n-p into tag and resize 60% > gradiant glow w/ same settings as before
12. Open cld-el44 > resize 30% > position as shown and add a drop shadow. I also added a glow to my box.
13. Open cld-el43 and resize 40% > glow > drop shadow > position as shown
16. Open cld-el56 and position as shown > glow > drop shadow
15. Open cld-el71 and resize 40% > glow > position over icecream
16. Open cld-el19 and resize 40% > image > free rotate - left - 60.00 - all layers deselected - Rotate single layer around canvas center selected > position behind shake > glow > shadow
17. Open cld-el20 and resize 20% > duplicate 2 more times so you have a total of three > add glow to each kiss and merge down > drop shadow.
18. C-n-p cld-wa2 (word art) as new layer and resize 45% > glow > drop shadow > adjust > add noise at 47
19. Add ©

Now if you wish to animate keep going ...

20. Layers > merge all visible > new raster layer > pull below merged layer and flood fill white
21. Add your name or other text you want to animate, I used the font Fiolex Girls > duplicate 2 more times so you have a total of three. Hide the top two and on the bottom one >adjust > add noise at 42 and hide this layer > make second name active add noise of 47 and hide>make third name active and add noise of 52 > copy merged.
22. Open up animation shop and paste as new image
23 Back in PS hide the top layer and make the middle layer active > copy merged > AS paste after current frame > repeat the last step with your last name frame.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Beautiful Corruption


PSP XI is what I use for all of my tutorial. I also take it you have a working knowledge of PSP and at time may even find it necessary to read my mind or fill in the blanks.

Scrap Kit used : Beautiful Corrution by LadyRaven Creations found HERE

Tube of choice - I used Another Jess by Karolina Szafran aka Karincoma. You can find the artwork HERE

Open image 500 by 500 w/ transparent background.
Selections > select all > C-N-P paper4 into selection > selections > select none > C-N-P tube as new layer and resize 70% > position in center of canvas > C-N-P rose3 as new layer and resize 70% position this towards the top of the cavas, duplicate rose layer,flip and move towards the bottom of canvas, texture effects - Mosiac antique > make sure that these two layers are inside of the canvas layer and merge the two roses down > effects - distortion effects -spikey halo with the following settings - 0,0,50,20,50, black > open spiderweb 1 and C-N-P as new layer > open roses you would like to use ...I couldn't make up my mind so I used all of them, resize 30% and position as shown > add a drop shadow to your liking > open your two spiders > C-N-P > as new layer > resize 30% to the fist one and add a drop shadow > repeat on second spider but mirror image and position as shown > open candle 2 and resize 30%, position in center of spiders > open bling one and move behind tube layer and add a drop shadow > C-N-P flourish 1 as new layer and move behind tube layer > open tag 3 and resize 80% > add a drop shadow and position as shown > add name and all © info.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Feel the Music


I use PSP XI but I am pretty sure any would work.

Kit : Lady Raven Creations Scraps - In a Funk VDay which you can find HERE

Tube of choice : I am using Angie Monasterio's Jem which you can find HERE

Open new image with a transparent image 500/500.
C-N-P frame 4 as a new layer and free rotate 90 to the left. Re-size 50% and make sure the re-size all layers is deselected.

With you magic wand tool click inside of your tag. I have my settings at :
Mode - Add(shift)
Match Mode - None
Contiguous selected
Feather 0
Now selection, modify, expand 4,New Raster Layer, C-N-P paper 11 into selection. Selections, select none. Move paper layer beneath the frame.

Open you tube and C-N-P  your tube as a new layer and position over your frame so that she will be sitting nicely inside the frame. Hide this layer. Hide paper layer.

Make your frame layer active and with you magic wand tool click inside of your tag. Same settings as before.
Now selection, modify, expand 4, and invert. Make your tube layer active and hit delete.Move the tube layer behind the frame and change blend mode to luminance L. Add a drop shadow to your frame layer and mege these three layers down. Crop around your entire tag to do away with bits of the unused tube.

Move your frame to the right and C-N-P your tube once more re-sizing by 90%, mirror image and position as shown.Add a drop shadow.

Open glitter and glitter 2. C-N-P glitter into tag and position behind all layers as shown. Repeat this step with glitter two placing it above the glitter layer, merge down, duplicate, and position as shown. Merge all glitter down.

Open tag 5, C-N-P as new layer and position behind frame and glitter layer. 

Open Trebleclef, re-size 50% and position as shown.

Open music note, re-size 30% and position as shown.

Open flourish 4 and re-size 60% position as shown.

Open butterfly 1, re-size 20%, position as shown and add a drop shadow.

Add all © and any other text and you are all done.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Will get back to you on this.

(All of my tutorials use PSP  XI)

Scrap-Kit : Winter's Love by Wicked Princess and can be found HERE

Mask : WSL_Mask84 which you can get HERE

Tube of choice. I used this adorable little cookie poser called Laci Luv Fairy which you can find HERE

Filters : XERO Porcelain  
XENOFEX2 : Constellation 

Animation Shop

Open up a new image 500 by 500 >>flood fill white>>selections>>select all>c-n-p WP_WL_PP12 into slection>>layers>>new mask layer>>from imgage>>WSL_Mask84 and make sure the invert mask data is deselected>>layers >>merge>>merge group>>selections>>select none>>c-n-p  WP_WL_PAPERFRAMECIRCLE as new layer>>image>>resize 70%. Make sure that you do not resize all layers.>>open your poser laciluvCK1_3>>resize15% and position as shown>>drop shadow to your liking>>open poser 1_5 and resize 20>>position as shown>>now hide all layers except your circle frame>>c-n-p poser 1_4 as a new layer. Do not resize just position behind circle game and position so her face is center. Hide this layer so your only visible layer is your circle. With your magic wand selcect the inside of the tube ...make sure the frame is the active layer. Now sections invert and make your big poser active and hit delete. Apply the porcelain effect set at your preferred setting.>>C-N-P WP_WL_GLITTERSPRAY>>resize 65% and position at the bottom right of frame>>duplicate layer>>mirror>>merge two spray layers down and duplicate 2 more times now rename the bottom spray 1>>middle 2>>top3>>We are going to apply constellation to the 2 and 3 layer only with these setting 

Star Size: 2
Variation: 40
Density: 70
Overall Density: 0
Overdrive: 100
Twinkle: 40
Rotation: 45
Make image transparent

Apply this to your spay>>apply to spray 3 hitting random seed once.>>Open WP_WL_FLOWERFLOURISH and c-n-p and position between the frame and the poser as shown.>> Open WP_WL_FLOURISH>>resize 70%>>flip and position as shown.>> Open WP_WL_ROSECORSAGE>>resize 40>>free rotate 15 to the left>>position as shown>>open WP_WL_STRINGCURLIE>>resize 40>>duplicate 3 times and position all three in different ares behind the rose.>>Open WP_WL_SATINBOW>>resize 30 and position as shown.

Now put any text and make sure to put the © info

Ok now we are going to animate and after doing this  I realized that part of our sparkled spray was like on her nose and it was driving me nuts so I simply took my eraser tool and got rid of that on both layers 2 and 3. Now Hide layer 3>>copy merged and paste into AS>>back in PS hide layer 2 and make 3 visible>>copy merged>>paste after selected in AS and save. :) All done.