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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Kiss Me

Kiss Me

Supplies Neeed :

Scrap Kit: Love Me Green by Vishuous Phury Designs at Whimsical Divas
Mask:158 by my all time fav WeeScotlass
Tube: Heaven or Hell 02 by the talented Ismael Rac
Animation Shop
Eye Candy 4000 Gradient Glow

Open new blank image 500x500 and flood fill white.
Create a new raster layer, selections, select all >
Copy and paste VPD  Love Me Green TS Papers02 into selection > select none >
merge group > duplicate > on the bottom mask layer adjust - add/remove noise
 - Gaussian - monochrome - 49% > on your top mask apply noise once more but adjust to 60% >
copy and paste VPD  Love Me Green TS Elements26 as new layer > resize 50% > apply gradient glow to the frame
with the following settings :

Hide your two mask layers and make your frame active > magic wand and select inside the frame >
selections > modify > expand 15 > new raster layer > make sure the new layer is active and paste
VPD  Love Me Green TS Papers05 into selection > position behind frame > select none > copy and paste HeavenOrHellHD02
as new layer > resize 70% > position behind frame and center> duplicate tube and move one
tube above frame > add a drop shadow to this bottom layer > hide top tube layer > with your eraser tool
erase the bottom half of tube that hangs beneath the frame > make top tube visible > erase part of the tube that hangs over the bottom half of frame >copy and paste VPD  Love Me Green TS Elements112 as new layer > resize 30% and add gradient glow as before > position in bottom right corner > copy and paste VPD  Love Me Green TS Elements83 as new layer > resize 50%
and add gradient glow > duplicate and mirror > merge the two together and position at top of frame beneath
all by the mask > copy and paste VPD  Love Me Green TS Elements109 > resize 50% and gradient glow > position on left side and duplicate > move one layer beneath the frame and paper and leave one on top of frame > with your eraser tool erase on the top layer the part that comes up over the dress >

copy and paste VPD  Love Me Green TS Elements122 as new layer > resize 20% > gradient glow > position at bottom right of frame > copy and paste VPD  Love Me Green TS Elements19 as new layer > resize 10 % and position at the top right of your hat > gradient glow > copy and paste VPD  Love Me Green TS Elements81 as new layer > gradient glow > resize 15% position as show > ADD ALL © and any txt you wish.

Open Animations shop > make sure your top mask layer is hidden and copy merge > paste into animation shop as new animation > back in psp make your hidden mask layer visible and hide the other > paste after current frame in animation shop > save.

All through all done :)

Friday, April 12, 2013



Supplies Needed:

PTU Scrap Kit Hollywood Glam by WickedPrincess ...You can grab it
Tube of Choice. I am using the beautiful work of Jessica Daugherty titled Ruby Martini
Mask 144 by MY ALL TIME FAVORITE MASK MAKER .... WeeScotLass
Eye Candy 4000 - Gradient Glow and Xenofex 2 - Constilation

Open new blank canvas 500x500
New raster layer and flood fill black
New raster layer > selections > select all > copy and paste WP_GH_PP1 into selection >
selection > select none > layers > new mask layer from image > make sure source luminance is selected and invert
mask data is NOT selected > merge group > rename this layer mask > duplicate > on the bottom layer (original mask)
apply Alien Skin Xenofex 2 Constellation with the following settings :
On your top mask layer > adjust > add/remove noise with the settings set to random and monochrome selected and 50% > merge down > copy and paste tube as new layer > resize 90% and position at the top and center of tag > copy and paste WP_HG_HEARTBOWFRAME as new layer and resize 70% > drop shadow set to white, opacity 83, blur 90 and make sure the drop shadow is on an new layer > duplicate heart layer and position one above the tube and one below > on top layer erase the top part of the heart covering her head and hair > make tube layer active and erase the part of her arm and body sticking out from the heart on the left > copy and paste WP_HG_FAN as new layer > position as top layer > mirror > resize 30% > apply Eye Candy Gradient Glow with the following settings :

Copy and paste WP_HG_FLOWERS1 as new layer > resize 30% > grad. glow same settings > position behind fan and on the right > duplicate > mirror and reposition on the left of fan as shown :
merge the flowers and fan down into one image > duplicate > mirror and position as shown :
Copy and paste WP_HG_CHERRIES as new layer > resize 30% > position below all layers except the background and mask and position as shown.

Add any text you wish AND ALL © INFO !!