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Monday, September 6, 2010

Witchy Woman

SCRAP KIT : The Witching Hour
TEMPLATE : Bat Wing Soup

  1. Open your Wing Bat Soup template.
  2. Delete you © info.
  3. Make your orange shape top layer active - selections - all - float - modify - expand 1.
  4. C-N-P PP11 as a new layer - invert - with your paper layer active - delete -selections none - merge down.
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 on layers orange shape bottom and large orange rectangle.
  6. Make your bat layer active - image - mirror - flip  - resize - 60 % making sure all layers is deselected - resize by 60 once more.
  7. Duplicate your bat layer twice so you have a total of 3 bats. :)
  8. Position your bats to your liking or like mine - merge all three down.
  9. Effects - plugind - eye candy 4000 - gradient glow with the following settings :

10. Make your White shape outline layer active - selections - all - float - expand 1 - flood fill with a Halloweenie looking gradient or really any color you think looks good. :P 
11. Make your middle white circle layer active - selections - select all - float - defloat - modify - expand.
12. C-N-P PP3 into selection - select none.
13. Repeat steps 11 and 12 to the last two white circle layers.
14. Adjust - add/remove noise to all three circle layers with the following settings.

15. Add a gradient glow to all three circles with the same settings as before.
16. Make your white rectangle layer active - selections -select all - float - defloat - modify - expand 1 and flood-fill with #6a190a - selections - select none - gradient glow as before.
17. Repeat step 16 with your white stripe layer and with the color #e37626.
18. Duplicate pixel word art and position on the right side as shown in mine.
19. Paste you tube of choice as new layer and position as shown.
20. With your second tube c/n/p as a new layer and position to your liking behind the orange rings. 
21. Make your orange circle layer active - selections - select all - float - defloat - invert.
22. Make your tube layer active ( tube behind the ring) carefully erase around the orange ring. 
23. Repeat this step to the other two rings and with a different body piece.
24. Change the circle tube layers blend mode to hard light.
25. With your crop tool crop around the entire canvas.
26. C/N/P WP_WH_PANSY as new layer and resize 65% and position as shown.
27. C/N/P WP_WH_PASIGN as new layer - gradient glow with same settings - position as show.
28. C/N/P WP_WH_CAULDRON as new layer - resize 50% and position as shown - add a drop shadow. I used black 0 and 0.
29. C/N/P WP_WH_FLAMINGGHOST as new layer and position behind the 3 circle layers as shown .
30. C/N/P WP_WH_PNG as new layer and resize 30% -drop shadow - mirror - position as shown.
31. C/N/P WP_WH_spiderweb as new layer and resize 50 position as shown - duplicate - position one layer as the  very top layer and one layer behind your White shape outline layer. With your eraser tool erase outside of your outline layer on both web layers.
32. ADD © INFO  and any other text you wish.
Delete backgound layer if you wish.

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