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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Laura's Lovely

Tube of Choice. I am using the art of © Jasmine Becket-Griffith which you can fine HERE
Scrap Kit Punk Love by Naughty Angle which can be found at Concrete Angelz Scrapz
Paint Shop Pro XI
AlienSkin Xenofex 2 
Eye Candy 4000

Open up a new blank canvas 600 x 600
Selections - Select all - C-N-P paper 8 into selection
Selections - Select none
Effects - Texture effects - Mosaic Antique
Settings : 31,31, 0 , 10, 37
Effects - Plugins - AlienSkin Xenofex 2 Crumple
Settings: Crumple size 30 - Crumple Force 100 - All other settings are default
C-N-P Tube as new layer and position as shown
Effects - Eye Candy 4000 - Gradient Glow
Settings: Diffuse - color black - opacity 100 - glow width 10.53 - all others default
C-N-P el15 as new layer - Resize by 40% and make sure all layers is deslected
Image - mirror - now position on the edge like a frame and scale to fit paper as shown.
Image - Canvas size - 650 x 6580.
Now with your el15 active apply the gradiant glow as before but lower the opacity to 50.
Duplicate this layer and mirror, position as shown.
Duplicate this layer and free rotate 90 to the left and position and bottom of paper - duplicate and flip.
Merge all ivy down.
 C-N-P el19 and position in top left corner - gradient glow and adjust the width to 5 and opacity to 100
C-N-P el2 as new layer and resize by 20% - add gradient glow - adjust -add noise 40 uniform
C-N-P el27 as new layer and position as shown.
Add © info and all other txt. Save as a PNG all done.

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