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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Godess Incarnate

Tag Named by Lori Barber

Tube of Choice. I am using the art of © Jose Cano which you can fine HERE
Scrap Kit A Gothic Love by Naughty Angle which can be found at Concrete Angelz Scrapz
Paint Shop Pro XI
 Eye Candy 4000

Open new blank canvas 600 x 600
Flood fill white.
C-N-P frame 3 as new layer. Resize by 85%. Make sure all layers is deselected.
Image - Free rotate 90 to the left and position to the right of the canvas.
Duplicate your frame 3 times. With your magic wand select inside red part of the frame and add noise on top layer of 30. Your second frame layer 35, and your third layer 35.
Now with your magic wand tool click inside of your frame. 
Selection - modify by 6. Now with the inside of the frame still selected -New raster layer.
C-N-P paper 12 into selection and move behind frame.
C-N-P your close up tube as a new layer and position to your liking behind frame.
With your eraser tool just erase the excess tube so it is neat behind the frame 
and adjust this layers blend to luminance.
C-N-P- pinup tube as new layer and position as shown.
C-N-P el42 and resize 35% - free rotate to the right 25 - position as show.
Duplicate the halo layer and position one behind the frame. 
With your eraser tool erase the top halo tube at the back so it looks as if it were hanging from the frame.
C-N-P el56 as a new layer and position behind all layers except the background layer. I have a total of 4 copies just positioned all behind the frame. You can kinda get the idea by looking at mine.
C-N-P el25 as a new layer and resize 65% and position as shown. Add a drop shadow to your liking. 
With your magic wand select the inside of your el 25 layer and add noise. I have the settings set to :

RGB Value
Tolerance 26
Noise was set at  Uniform, Monochrome, 30

Open el 4,6,19, and 28. Re-size all 50% position as shown and add a drop shadow.
Open el 54 and position as shown. Drop-shadow and erase the top 3 hearts.
Add any text you wish and ALL ©

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