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Monday, September 12, 2011


Supplies Needed

PSP ( I am using XI )
PTU Tube : Lotus by the wonderful Gemini Creationz. I had a hard time picking one but you can find it  HERE.
PTU Scrap Kit : Uninteded by the talented BlackWidowcreationz. You can pick this kit up HERE.
Mask 92 by Vix. I just love her masks!! Grab it HERE.

Filters : Eye Candy 4000 Gradient Glow

ok lets get started. Open new blank canvas 600 x 600 - flood fill black - copy and paste Paper4 as new layer - do not resize - layers - new mask layer from image - vixmask92 - source luminance selected - merge group - duplicate your mask layer 3 times and merge all mask layers down - copy and paste Image36 as new layer and resize 90% with the following setting :
Copy and paste Image25 as new layer and resize 75% with all the same settings - free rotate 90 left - copy and paste tube as new layer and position in center of frame and drag down so her head is just over the top - add a drop shadow with the following settings : 
duplicate tube and position one on top of frame and one beneath. 
To make things somewhat easier lets rename our layers :
From top to bottom - 
Tube 1
Tube 2

Now with your crop tool crop around the entire canvas on your tube layers - hide tube 1 - erase the bottom half of tube 2 - make tube 1 active - erase the bottom half of tube 1 but very carefully erase around her hand - ok now it is up to you but I went and erased all the other part of tube 1 that caused a dark drop shadow - copy and paste Image8 as new layer and resize 85% - rename curtain and position behind tube 1,2, and frame - copy and paste Image9 as new layer - resize 85% - position in top left corner behind all layer except canvas - rename moon - duplicate - change top moon blend mode to dodge- merge your two moon layers - copy and paste Image22 as new layer - position behind your curtain layer - copy and paste Image7 as new layer and position on the left of your frame - copy and paste Image19 as new layer - resize 60% - free rotate 25% left - paste at the bottom of your plant -add Eye candy gradient glow with the following settings :

 copy and paste Image42 as new layer - resize 50% - position at the bottom of your plant over your ribbon layer - copy and paste Image15 as a new layer - resize 50%  - erase all of the stem - duplicate and position as shown - copy and paste Image13 as new layer and position at the bottom of your frame. Make sure it is behind all of your left elements - ADD ALL OF YOUR © and any name or txt you would like :)

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