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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sweet As Candy


PSP and Animation Shop
Scrap Kit : T.G.I.F by Butterfly Kisses Scraps. You can find this cute little kit HERE.
Tube used :  Alisha. I just love the work by Myka .... Just stunning! You can get all her cute tubes HERE.
Mask : 336 by Weescotlass and you can grab it HERE
Filters : Eye Candy 4000 Gradient Glow

Open new blank canvas 600 x 600 - selection - copy and paste Paper16 into selection - select none - layers - new mask layer from image - load your mask - merge group - gradient glow using the soft rainbow setting but adjust the glow width to 3 -hide mask layer -  copy and paste Frame05 as new layer - adjust - add noise - monochrome and uniform selected 70 - effects - gradient glow with the following settings :

with your magic wand tool select inside the frame - new raster layer - selections - modify - expand 7 - copy and paste Paper16 into selection - select none - copy and paste tube as new layer - position your tube so you can not see beneath her to the background - duplicate - position one tube on top of frame and one beneath - with your eraser tool erase the area of her body between the arms so she is sitting nicely on but behind the frame - copy and paste HeartCluster02 as new layer - resize 50% and position on bottom right of frame - gradient glow black with the same settings as the frame - copy and paste Sucker as new layer and resize 50% position behind your heart layer - with your eraser tool erase any ribbon of of the sucker that may be showing - Copy and paste Sparkles01 as new layer and position behind frame layer - copy and paste Ribbon04 as new layer - resize 70% - gradient glow - position on top of the frame and beneath the tube - copy and paste Butterfly02 as new layer and position on top - resize 30% - free rotate left 20 - mirror - gradient glow - position bottom left of frame - repeat all butterfly steps with Butterfly01 and position as shown - copy and paste Diamond01,02, and 03 as a new layer and position behind your butterfly layers as shown - merge all three down - gradient glow - duplicate and position as shown - copy and paste Flowers02 as new layer - gradient glow - position behind frame and paper - duplicate - position top flower layer at the top of frame above the ribbon layer - erase all of your flower layer except that one large flower that overlaps the ribbon-
Copy and paste Wire01 as new layer - mirror - gradient glow - position your wire as the top layer and move to the top left of the frame as shown - duplicate - position your second copy as the layer just above your mask layer - with your eraser tool erase the long strand of wire that cuts across the front and the little piece that covers the end of the frame.
Add all your txt and copy-rite and lets animate :)

Copy your sucker layer and paste as a new image - erase all of the stick ( you may want to make it large so you can get the fine white part off as well ) Crop around the sucker as close as possible - paste as new animation in Animations Shop - effects - insert image effect - rotate - length 1.9 sec - frames per sec - 17 - now delete all frames except for 1,2, and 3 - back in PSP ... copy merged - paste as new animation in AS - duplicate selected until you have three frames of your tag  - propagate paste - make sure your first frame is selected - select all - switch over to your sucker - select all - copy - switch back to your tag - paste into selected frame - position lined up as close as possible to match your other sucker - Save :)

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