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Sunday, December 20, 2009

~*~ Rock Candy ~*~

Supplies Needed

Templates and Wordart by Missy (Template 307)
found HERE

Scrap Kit Products by Stacey of Stacey's Designs found


Tube of Choice. I used the artwork of Eos Sparks which you can find

1.     Open up your 307 tag template >> Shift + D >> close original   

    template >> Add a new raster layer and flood fill white >>move    

to bottom.

2.     Select your bottom circle layer >> selections >> seclect all >>

       float >> defloat.

3.    Fill this layer with color of choice. I used a gradient using    

    the colors found in the back wall graffitti image of the tube.
    Adjust >> Add Remove Noise >> Uniform >> Monochrome Checked >>    


4.    Make your circle 2 layer active >> selctions >> select all >>    

    float >> defloat >> add noise with same settings as before >>    

    add drop shadow 0,0,100,29,black >> repeat drop shadow again.

5.    Make your circle 3 layer active >> selections >> select all>>    

    float >>defloat>> add noise with the same settings as before.

6.    Make your glittered circle active >> selections >> select all    

    >> float >> defloat >> add a drop shadow with the same setting    

    but with a blur of 18 >> repeat.

7.    Make your glittered rectangle active and add 2 dropshadows with

    the same settings as all the others.

8.    Make your black rectangle active and ad a drop shadow. You can    

    adjust this how you would like. While you have this selected    

    ...Effects >> 3D Effect >> Chisel >> Size 6 >> Solid >> Pick a    

    color that compliments your tube.

9.    Copy and paste your tube in a place that looks nice. If you are

    using the same image I am place it like I have mine. This was    

    the best place I found.

    Open your embellishments :     SD Doodle
                    SD Tye Dye Lava Lamp
                    SD Tye Dye Peace Sign
                    SD Love Word Art

    Copy and paste each embellishment onto your tag as shown in    

mine. I don't care to much for using the resize tool I just     scale

mine until I like the way it looks. I added drop shadows     to each

10.    Now lets start getting it tidy. Delete the ©layer for the    

    template >> Hide your brush layer and add your tubes © and     

    any other text you would like >> Merge layers visible.

11.    Make your brush layer visible >> copy and paste >> open in    

        animation shop >> Insert image effect >>
    Settings should be : Effect = Rotate Colors
                                 Animation Frame selected
                                 Effect Lenght = 0.5 sec.
                                 Frames Per Sec = 6 fps

12.    Back over to Psp >> hide brush tube again >> copy merged >>    

    paste into Animation Shop. In your animated rotating color    

    image you should have 4 frames, make sure this is correct.

    Over on your tag image >> Edit >> duplicate selected >>    

    duplicate selected again >> now press your arrow key again so    

    that only one frame is selected and duplicate selected again.    

    You should have 4 frames. Move your arrow key so that your    

    first frame is selected >> Edit >> select all >> up on your bar

    next to what looks to be a film strip with a red x click the icon to the left that is
    your Propagate Paste icon.
    Back on your animated frames move to the first frame and select all >> copy.

    Move back to your tag >> with all frames selected paste into    

    selected frames and position onto the black rectangle as shown    

    in mine. Save and you are all done.

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