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Monday, May 10, 2010

Spring Has Sprung

Paint Shop Pro IX
Filters : Eye Candy 4000
Font : Fiolex Girls

Open a new image 600 x 600 w/ transparent background.
Selections > select all > c-n-p paper 04 into selection > selections > select none.
Layers > New mask layer > from image > MakeAMaskSpringMF01Slow2010 > Merge group.
Duplicate this layer twice so you have a total of 3 > merge visible > rename this layer mask.
Effects > Gradient Glow > 

Use the default settings on all but the glow width under the BASIC tab.  Glow should be set at 3.00 >
After you apply this repeat gradient glow but with the preset colors : pride.
Open Tagframe 2 > c-n-p as new layer > Image > Free rotate, 90, right, all layers deselected.
Position frame to the left and apply gradient glow with the following settings.

Rename this layer frame > Hide Mask layer > magic wand : mode -replace, Match Mode - RGB Value, Tolerance - 50, Use all layers -deselected, Contiguous - selected, Feather 0 > New layer > Selections > Modify > Expand 25 > Click inside of frame >  C-N-P paper 25 into selection and move beneath the frame layer > rename paper > Select none.
C-N-P layer1 of your psp tube and position in a nice spot behind frame > erase any extra so it is neat and tidy behind the frame > change the blend mode to luminance (L). > Rename Tube
Now here comes the fun part ... me trying to explain in a way that you will understand. I hope you have done this before so it is not so complicated.
You have your frame layer. C-N-P ribbon 9 as new layer and scale to fit so it looks like mine. Adjust and Add noise 55 - monochrome - random ... fit on the side of the frame. Add the gradient glow same as before to the ribbon and rename ribbon. Now duplicate your frame and position on top of ribbon so you have frame - ribbon - frame. Now with your eraser tool erase the left side of the frame. DO NOT erase the ribbon that is connected to the flower. With a smaller size erase around the frame ribbon. Now back to the easy stuff.
Open bling 3 > C-N-P as new layer and move beneath the paper layer and to the right as shown > add the same gradient glow > resize 90 %
 duplicate > mirror.
C-N-P flower1 > resize 50% > gradient glow and position behind paper layer as shown.
Repeat with flower 2,3,4.
Open doodle 3 > c-n-p > resize 50% > gradient glow > position as shown.
C-N-P Raster 1 psp tube as a new layer > position as shown > gradient glow.
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