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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Come Play

Kit: Unintended by Black Widow you can find her work  HERE
Tubes by Ismael Rac. You can find his work HERE You can use 3 different or just one it is all up to you. :)
Mask by Vix. I used 414 and you can grab it HERE
 Filter Eye Candy 4000 gradient glow

 Open blank canvas 600 x 600
Selections - select all - paste paper 9 into selection - selections - select none - merge group and duplicate twice for a total of 3 mask layers - merge visible and rename mask - new raster layer renamed canvas - flood fill black and position behind the mask - make mask layer active - selections - select all - copy and paste image 36 into selection - select none - copy and paste image 25 as new layer - resize 45 %  with the following settings:

On the image it will have 50 % just ignore and make it 45 ... I am a woman ... I change my mind!

Image - free rotate 60 to the left - position in the top left corner - rename left frame - filters EC4000 gradient glow with the following settings:

duplicate - mirror - rename right frame - hide mask layer, canvas layer, and right frame - with your magic wand tool select inside the left frame - selections - modify - expand 5 - new raster layer - copy and paste paper 3 into selection - rename left paper and position behind the frame select none - repeat on the right frame - Copy and paste one of your tubes behind the right frame but above the paper - erase all extra tube that shows around the frame - change blend mode to hard light - repeat on the left - paste your final tube in the center of the two frames - copy and paste image 9 as a new layer - resize 60% and position in top right corner behind all layers except canvas - copy and paste image 44 as new layer and position behind all layers except canvas - change blend mode to hard light and duplicate 4 times to spread across the bottom - copy and paste image 47 as new layer - mirror - resize 50% - position in bottom left corner - copy and paste image 12 as new layer - resize 40 % and position over coffin as shown - add a drop shadow to your liking - copy and paste image 38 as new layer - resize 50% position above the rose layer in the bottom left - copy and paste image 26 - resize 40% position behind skull -  copy and paste image 10 - resize 50% - mirror - position above skull layer ( you may need to move the skull some ) - copy and paste image 36 as new layer - resize 50% and position bottom left  behind the bird and skull.  
I have my layers in this order :

Pink ... ummm ... thing

Now you can add any txt you would like but make sure you add your ©

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