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Friday, July 29, 2011


Scrap Kit Used Was Betrayed by Miz which you can find on her blog HERE
Tube of Choice. I am using the beautiful work of Barbra Jensen found HERE. This was a limited edition tube so you may have to use another. 
Filters: Eye Candy 4000, Xero-Bad Dream

Open a new blank canvas 600x600. Flood fill white.
Paste miz-tripframe as a new layer and resize with the following settings : 
Add your Eye Candy 4000 Gradient Glow filter the the frame layer with the following settings : 
Make sure both colors are set to black. Position frame in the top center of canvas.
With your magik wand tool set to : Mode: Shift, Match Mode: color, Tolerance: 4, Feather: 0
select inside each frame.
Selections, modify, expand by 3.
Add a new raster layer and paste miz-pp4 as new layer. Position behind frame layer.
Selections and select none.
Paste your close-up tube as a new layer and position this any way you would like in each of the frames. I just used my eraser tool to clean up the mess after each frame. Merge all tree tube layers as one and then apply xero's bad dream. I used the default settings.

Copy and paste your full tube as a new layer and position as shown. Now you can add xero's radiance if you would like. I did using the following settings : 

Pate miz-glitterspot1 and miz-glitterspot2 as a new layer and position as bottom 2 layers. I kinda just played around with them until they were set up where I liked. 
Paste miz-rose1 as a new layer and resize by 25%. Position at the bottom as shown. Repeat with miz-rose2.
Select your miz-rose1 and duplicate next to your black rose.
Select your miz-rose2 and place next to the miz-rose1. Duplicate miz-rose1 one last time and place at the end of your rose chain.
 Now your rose chain should be blue, black, blue, black, blue.
Now copy and paste miz-sparkles2 as a new layer and resize 80%. With your crop tool select the entire tag and crop. This will get rid of any extra outside of the canvas. Position your sparkle layer behind your frame layer.
Copy and paste miz-dragonfly as a new layer, position at the top of all layers and resize 30%. Position your dragonfly ontop of your last black rose. Add gradient glow with the same black settings as before.
Copy and paste miz-lips2 as new layer, resize 10%, position at the bottom of the first frame as shown, add gradient glow. After all that duplicate and mirror so you have a copy on the right hand frame. Now repeat the lip steps with miz-lips1, positioning them slightly below the black lips but still as the top layer.
Merge all of your lip layers, duplicate, flip, and position at the top of your frames.
Copy and paste miz-diamondrain as a new layer.
Resize 65% and add gradient glow.
Position as the bottom layer and move to the left edge of the canvas. Duplicate and position on the right hand side.
Now go back up to your glitter spot layers  ... miz-glitterspot1 and miz-glitterspot2. Duplicate each layer one time resing just your new layers 65%. Position these at the bottom of the tag ... it should be positioned just slightly below the original sized spots. Move your two smaller spots so the are beneath your diamondrain layers. Keep the larger spots where they were.
Add your copy-rite and any other text. :)

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