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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Lovely Little Kitty


Scrap Kit: Besamie by Black Widow Creationz found HERE
Tube of choice. I am using Emo Kitty by PinUp Toons found HERE
Mask : 142 by Vix found HERE
Filters: Eye Candy 4000

Open new blank canvas 500 x 500 - Selections - select all - c/n/p paper 8 into selection - select none - merge group - duplicate - name the bottom layer 1 and the top layer 2 - adjust - apply noise to layer 2 (Gaussian monochrome 100) - repeat - on layer one add Eye Candy Gradient Glow with the following settings : 

Merge 1 and 2 down.
C/N/P raster one of your tube as a new layer and position at the top of your layer bar - rename tube - image - resize with the following settings :

Position tube in the middle of your mask layers and add a drop shadow that you like to your tube layer - c/n/p element 5 and resize by 50%  with all the other settings the same as before - position at the bottom of her feet - Gradient Glow (same as before) - duplicate - position one ribbon behind the tube and position the other on top of the tube - with your eraser tool erase the ribbon on the top ribbon layer at the bottom of her feet, her knees, and at kitty's feet - C/N/P element 14 as a new layer - resize 50% - free rotate 45 to the left and position as shown - duplicate - on the top layer add noise (same settings as before) on the bottom layer add gradient glow -C/N/P element 12 as a new layer - resize 50 % - free rotate left 45 - gradient glow and position as shown - C/N/P element 44 as new layer - resize 50% - repeat - gradient glow - duplicate 4 times and position as shown - C/N/P element 30 as new layer and resize 70 %  - position at bottom - gradient glow - duplicate - and position one layer at the very top of the layer bar and one el 30 layer beneath the "LOVE" element - with your eraser tool erase the large flower on the top layer that overlap "love" and the butterfly - C/N/P element 60 - resize 50% - garadient glow - position top right - duplicate - mirror position both heart layers below all frames - C/N/P el 17 as a new layer - resize 50% - free rotate 45 - gradient glow - mirror - position as shown below all layers except the mask and heart layers

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