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Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Psp and Animation Shop Needed

Scrap Kit used : Death Becomes Her. This kit was put together by one of the sweetest women I know. She is always there to lend a helping hand. The wonderful staff at PSP Asylum, Shani, and many others have opened up an amazing group called T.A.G (Taggers & Artists Giving). I think this is such an amazing thing to do. You can read more about T.A.G HERE. The scrap kit you can find HERE.

Tube used : Gothic Angel by the very talented Freya Langford-Sidebottom. You can find it HERE.

Mask 344 by Weescotslass found HERE.

Filters: Eye Candy 4000 Gradient Glow, Xero - Radiance, Alien Skin Xenofex 2 Constellation

 Open new transparent image 600 x 600 - selection -select all - copy and paste WP_DBH_PP8 into selection - select none - open your 344 mask - layers - new mask layer from image - 344 source luminance selected - merge group down - copy and paste WP_DBH_FILMSTRIPFRAME as new layer - resize 40% making sure all layers is deselected - add gradient glow with the following settings : 

Position at top of mask layer - close your mask layer - make film strip active - with your magic wand tool select inside each frame ... if you are unsure how to do this select inside your first frame holding down the Alt button while you select the rest - selections - modify - expand by 7 - add a new raster layer and paste WP_DBH_PP18 into selection - position behind frame - select none - copy and paste your tube with no wings as new layer position some part of the tube behind frame 1 to your liking - hide tube - make film strip active and with your magic wand select inside first frame - selections - modify 7 - invert - make your tube layer active - hit delete - select none (you may need to crop around the entire image if part of your tube hung over the canvas) - repeat your tube/strip step for the remaining strip using different parts of the tube - merge all body parts down as one - add xero - radiance with the following settings : 128, 50, 128, 255 - make your strip layer active and duplicate it 3 times for a total of 4 - on your first strip add Alien skin constellation with the following settings :

Repeat your glitter on the other 2 strips changing only the random seed - leave the bottom strip free of glitter - copy and paste WP_DBH_PP3 as new layer and position at the bottom of all layers - crop around canvas - make your mask layer active - adjust - add/remove noise - 70 - copy and paste WP_DBH_TRUNKS as new layer - position as top layer - resize 40% - copy and paste winged tube layer as a new layer and position towards the bottom-center as shown in mine above - add gradient glow with the same settings as before - copy and paste WP_DBH_FLAMES as new layer - resize 83% and position it the rest of the way yourself so it fits evenly along the sides - Position behind all layers except mask and background - copy and paste WP_DBH_LOOPYWIRE as new layer - resize 60% -  position at the top of the strip layer as shown - move beneath the strip frame layer - duplicate -flip - position this layer on top of the frame making sure it is above the glitter as well - paste WP_DBH_CIRCLESPLATTER as new layer - resize 75% and position on beneath your tube, chest, and flame layer - gradient glow  - copy and paste WP_DBH_ARCH as a new layer - gradient glow with the same settings but change the colors to a purple - resize 75% - move to the right hand side as shown - duplicate - position the bottom layer underneath all layers except mask and background - position the top layer above all layers except the chest and tube - with your eraser too erase the bottom half of your top arch layer - duplicate the bottom arch layer - mirror - duplicate - position the top arch layer - position the top layer above all layers except the chest and tube - with your eraser too erase the bottom half of your top arch layer - copy and paste WP_DBH_ARCH one more time - resize 90% position in the center - repeat your glow and duplicate/erase steps - copy and paste WP_DBH_STAINEDGLASS - resize 15% gradient glow - position over the circle of the arch - duplicate and repeat for the other 2 circles - copy and paste WP_DBH_LEATHERCORSET - resize 30% - add a drop shadow to your liking - position bottom left - copy and paste WP_DBH_BOOT2 as new layer - resize 35% - drop shadow - position bottom left - copy and paste WP_DBH_WHIP1 as new layer - resize 41% - free rotate 20 to the right - position on top of corset and boot as shown - duplicate - position bottom layer behind boot layer - with your eraser tool erase the strings of the whip so it runs behind it - copy and paste WP_DBH_TRIBALORCHID as new layer - resize 41 % position behind your boot, corset, and whip - duplicate - mirror - position as shown - copy and and paste WP_DBH_ROSEBREANCH - resize 25% - duplicate - on the top layer change blend mode to screen and merge two together - mirror and position as shown - copy and paste WP_DBH_ROSE as new layer - resize 50% and position as shown - Add a new raster layer and position at top - effects - 3D effects - buttonize - height and width 2 solid and select a pretty purple - Add all © You can use the same wordin I have or pick your own. I have chosen part of the lyrics to Erotica by Madonna. :)
Now to animate this baby.....
Open animation shop - in paintshop pro make sure your top 2 glittler strip layers are closed - copy merged - paste over into animation shop - back in psp close your bottom glitter strip and make middle strip visible - copy merged - paste after current image - repeat with the last glitter frame - save - All through all done!

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