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Saturday, May 15, 2010


Plugins : Alien Skin 5 - Impact , xero , eye candy 4000
  1. Open new blank image 600 x 600
  2. Selections > select all > c-n-p paper 2 into selection > select none  
  3. Open mask image > new mask layer > from image > 
4. Merge group > duplicate your mask layer twice > merge visible

 5. Adjust > add/remove noise > add noise

6. C-N-P tube as new layer > image > resize 75%

7. Position as shown > effects > plugins > xero > soft mood > haziness and glow both 50

8. C-N-P element1 as new layer > mirror and position as shown > erase the brown flower > effects > eye candy 4000 > gradient glow with the following settings ... 

9. C-N-P ribbon 1 as new layer > resize 95% > position as shown > duplicate ... have one ribbon layer position below your tube and one above ... make sure your top ribbon layer is active and erase the ribbon over her hand.  

10. Make your tube active and add a drop shadow to your liking.

Ok this is how it should be looking if you could understand all my ramblings.

11. C-N-P stichframe 1 as new layer and position behind all layers except the mask layer > add the same gradient glow. 

12. C-N-P flower 7 > resize 65 % position to the left as shown ... now I just pushed that right corner a bit so it was a tad smaller ... > gradient glow. 

13.  C-N-P flower 5 as new layer > resize 65% > gradient glow > position behind flower 7 and duplicate ... now mirror. 

14. Add any text and all © information.

Ok now if you would like to animate continue 
Add a new raster layer and position on bottom > flood fill white > hide background layer and mask layer > merge all visible >make background layer visible > hide tube layer and mask layer > c-n-p background layer into animation shop > hide background and make mask visible > c-n-p mask layer as a new animation in AS > effects > insert image effect > underwater with the following settings :


now make your last layer active and delete > edit > select all > activate or select your little Propagate paste icon.

Now back in PSP background layer and mask layer should be hidden and your tube should be visible > copy merge > paste into AS > now you should have three different images in AS > On your animated mask image select all > on your white background layer duplicate this image until you have 17 frames ... should be about 5 times of hitting duplicate > now with your mask layer ... making sure the propagate paste is always selected ... on all steps here out .... select all on your background image and paste your mask layer into selected frames > repeat this with your tube image. ALL DONE ! SAVE !


  1. Oh Lisa this is just stunning! Thank you so much for making such a beautiful tag with my kit! You rock girl!