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Sunday, May 30, 2010

American Honey

Scrap Kit : Memorial Day by the wonderful HellaSweet found HERE
Tube of Choice. I am using Ismael Rac's Locan found HERE
Eye Candy 4000 Gradient Glow 
 Open transparent image 500 x 500 and flood fill white.
C-N-P blue frame as new layer and resize by 50% position as shown. 
Repeat this step with the red frame.
Add Eye Candy 4000 gradient glow with the following setting : 

I added this to both circles twice.
Rename your layers to RED and BLUE.

C-N-P tube as new layer and position waste behind the blue frame and hide.
Make BLUE layer active and with your magic wand tool select inside of the frame. 
Selections - Modify - Expand by 10 - Invert 
Make tube layer active and delete and select none. 
Make tube layer visible.
Repeat the tube/frame step but with her chest.
Merge the two body layers together - Duplicate and change blend mode to Luminance.
C-N-P red and blue drops as new layer and position behind frames.
Resize blue drops 85%
Add noise to both drop layers.
Gaussian  - Monochrome - 70%
Now merge your two drop layers and with your eraser tool erase inside the frames. 
C-N-P your tube as a new layer and position at the bottom of the frame.
C-N-P filigree 3 as new layer - flip - position as shown and erase any that is bleeding through the frames.
C-N-P filigree 4 - mirror - position as shown and erase any that is bleeding through the frame as well as the part that pokes out on the right. 
Merge all visible.   
Effect - 3D Effect - Buttonize 
W and H 3 - Solid - White - Opacity 100
Add all text and ©

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