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Friday, August 19, 2011

Vintage Kisses

Scrap Kit Used Was Vintage Dreams by Miz which you can find on her blog HERE
Tube of choice. I am using the artwork of Keith Garvey which you can find HERE
Filters: Eye Candy 4000, Xero- Radiance

Open new blank canvas 600 x 600.
Copy and paste miz11-vintagedreams-28 as new layer, free rotate 90 to the right, add Eye Candy 4000 gradient glow with the following settings : 

On the color tab make sure fat is selected and both colors on black. You may have to go back and change the sliding bars.
With your magic wand tool select inside the frame. Add a new raster layer and position behind the frame, make sure it is your active layer. 
Selections, expand by 10.
Copy and paste miz11-vintagedreams-paper04 into selection. Selections, select none.
Copy and paste your close up or layer 2 as a new layer and position behind frame.
Make your paper layer active, selections, select all, float, defloat, invert.
Make your tube layer active and hit your delete button.
Apply Xero - Radiance with the following settings :

Merge all three layers down and position at the very top of the page.
Copy and paste miz11-vintagedreams-02 as a new layer and resize 50%. Add the same gradient glow as before and position at the bottom corner of the frame. Duplicate and position on the other side as shown :

Copy and paste miz11-vintagedreams-20, resize 50%, gradient glow, position at the bottom of the frame.
Copy and paste miz11-vintagedreams-03 as new layer, resize 40%, gradient glow.
Copy and paste miz11-vintagedreams-09 as new layer, free rotate 20 to the right, position behind the rose and add a gradient glow.
Copy and paste miz11-vintagedreams-06 as a new layer, resize 35, gradient glow and position behind the rose and fan.
Copy and paste miz11-vintagedreams-07, resize 15% , gradient glow, duplicateand position behind the roses 
Copy and paste miz11-vintagedreams-23 as a new layer, resize 50%, gradient glow. Position at the bottom-right of the frame and position behind the rose and gem.
Copy and paste miz11-vintagedreams-12, resize 25%, gradient glow, mirror, position bottom-right on top of the rose and gem.
Add txt and copyrite.

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