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Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Template :  172 ~ DO NOT DISTURB

Scrap Kit : Gothic Emotion found at 

Tube of Choice. I am using the art of  Josh Howard titled Corset. This is a group only tube which is through Shewolfs Domain

Plugins : Eye Candy 4000 Gradient Glow. 

Open template
Shift + D
Close the original and delete the © layer.
Resize 550 x 517 all layers selected 
Open paper 3 and mirror image. 
Make circle 3 active - selections - select all - modify - contract 3 and paste paper into selection. 
Repeat this step with Paper 4 and Circle 4 but do not mirror the paper this time. 
Add a gradient glow to both circles. You can adjust the settings to your liking.
C-N-P your tube as a new later and position over black circle one. Position to your liking and hide tube layer. Make circle 1 active - selections - select all - float - defloat - invert.
Make your tube layer active and delete. 
C-N-P your tube layer once more and mirror. Position over black circle 2. Make circle layer active - select all - float - defloat - invert - tube layer active - delete.
Make circle one active - select all - flat - defloat - C-N-P paper 2 into selection - Select none. Repeat this step with circle 1 but use paper 1.
Change both tube layers blend mode to Luminance. 
Make circle frame 1 active - select all - float - defloat - expand by 2 - flood fill black - modify - contract by 6 - flood fill #42a3da or the blue from your color swatch - add noise : 100 : gaussian : monochrome.
Repeat these steps with circle frame 2.
Make blue line top active - select all - float - defloat - expand by 2.
Now for your foreground color ... open your color pallet up if you have not done so. Change foreground to  pattern and select your pallet.  Settings should be Angle 50 and Scale 38. I added a drop shadow to both pattern layers.
Make Word Art layer active - adjust - hue and saturation - colorize - Hue : 192 - Saturation : 255
C-N-P doodle 03 as new layer - resize  60% (make sure all layers is deselected.) Move behind word art - Add a gradient glow. Repeat this step with doodle 02 and position behind all layers but the bottom to circles.
C-N-P butterfly 01 - resize 50% and position as shown - gradient glow.
C-N-P ribbon 4 as new layer and position behind all layers except the bottom circles. Gradient glow.
C-N-P butterfly 01 and resize 59% position - gg.
Add text of choice and all ©.

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