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Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Scrap Kit : Americana by the talented Kittie
Tag of choice. I am using the beautiful work of Keith Garvey  Sparkle
Plugins : Eye Candy 4000 Gradient Glow
Mask : 396 by VIX

Open new image 600x600
Selections - select all
C-N-P paper 7 into selection - select none
Layers - new mask layer - from image - Vix 396
Make Mask Raster 1 layer active and merge group.
New Raster layer - Flood-Fill white and position behind mask.
C-N-P Frame 4 as new layer - Plugins - Eye Candy 4000 Gradient Glow with the following settings 

Glow Width : 3.00
Soft Corners : 25
Overall Opacity : 100
Draw only outside selection deselected.

C-N-P your tube as a new layer and position in canter of tag. I lined the top of her hat up with the top of the blue loop - Effects - 3D effect - Drop shadow 

 duplicate - position one tube on top of frame and one below. Now lets name these layers so we don't get all confused.

Top Layer =  T1
Next Layer = Frame
Next = T2
Next = Mask
Next = White

Now with your T1 selected and your eraser tube erase the bottom part of her legs  - repeat on the T2 
With your eraser tube selected and you Mask layer selected erase inside of your frame.
C-N-P Star Dangle 1 as new layer and position behind frame - duplicate - flip - merge down - erase Dangles around the frame - add gradient glow
C-N-P flower 1 as new layer and resize 20% - repeat this with flower 2 and 3 and position as shown - merge 3 flowers down and and gradient glow.
C-N-P Dragonfly 2 as a new layer and resize 50% - position as shown - drop shadow.
C-N-P Tag as new layer - position as shown - gradient glow.
C-N-P Word Art 2 as new layer and position as shown.
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