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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Inked Beauty

Tube of choice. I am using the art of PinUp Toons
Plugins : Gradient Glow Eye Candy 4000
Mask : Vix Mask 333
Font : Tattoo Ink
Open new blank canvas 600 x 600
Selections - select all - c-n-p paper 22 into selection - select none 
Layers - new mask layer - from image - Vix_Mask 333 - merge group - 

EC Gradient Glow : 
COLOR - Fat - both colors set to black 
BASIC - width 3.00, soft 25, opacity 100, select draw only outside selection

Duplicate your mask layer and merge down - adjust - add noise : 60, Gaussian, Monochrome- duplicate this layer again - merge down - with your selection tool position your mask layer in the top left corner.
Duplicate this layer - mirror - flip - merge your 2 mask layers down - Rename this layer Mask
C-N-P Bling bracket as new layer - gradient glow same settings - Rename this layer as Mask
Hide your mask layer - magic wand - select inside the frame - selections - modify - expand 6 - new raster layer - c-n-p paper 23 into selection - position behind frame - selections none.
C-N-P your tube as new layer and position on the right and behind frame as shown.

Now with your eraser tool clean up the tube layer outside of the frame and change the blend mode to luminance - merge down.
With your crop tool crop select the entire canvas and crop getting rid of the extra tube layer.
Now c-n-p your tube again - keep its position -duplicate - gradient glow. Keep one layer beneath the frame and position one on top of the frame. With your eraser tool and your top tube layer selected erase the bottom part of the tube so the frame is visible - Make your bottom tube layer active and erase the bottom part of the tube that is on the outside of the frame.Now merge your top tube layer, frame, bottom tube layer, and paper down.

C-N-P splatter as new layer and resize 80% position in the empty area of the right corner - position the splatter layer beneath the frame layer.
C-N-P Rope as new layer - resize 60 and position at the  bottom of the frame and position beneath the frame layer. 
C-N-P cat as new layer and resize 40% position in bottom left corner as top layer and gradient glow.
C-N-P Screw as new layer and position as shown.

Gradient glow - duplicate - mirror.
Duplicate the screw layer and free rotate 90 to the left and position at the bottom, center of the frame - erase the top screw. 
C-N-P Blade as new layer - resize 25% - free rotate - 20 : right
Add all © and text.

Merge all layers visible

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