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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Moment in Time

Scrap Kit : Thoughts of Love. This beautiful kit by ScrappinDsigns can be found HERE
Tube of Choice : I am using the beautiful work of Anna Marine which you can find HERE
Mask 38 found HERE
Plugins : Eye Candy 4000 Gradient Glow and Alien Skin Xenofex 2 Constellation.
Open new blank canvas 500 x 500 - flood-fill white.
C-N-P Paper 16 as new layer - New mask layer - from image -WSL_Mask_38 - Merge group.
C-N-P flower heart frame as new layer and resize 60 % - all layer deselected - move towards the bottom just a smidge.
C-N-P tube as new layer and resize 90 % - add a drop shadow to your liking -Position in center of frame - duplicate - position one below the frame and one above - erase the tube of both layers on the bottom half only so it positions her bottom half on the inside of the frame and her top half outside.
C-N-P tol light as a new layer - resize 50 % and position as shown - add gradient glow w/ the following settings. 

C-N-P tol_divider as new layer - resize 50% and position to the right as shown - Move behind all layers except mask layer - duplicate - flip - gradient glow
C-N-P tol_clock as new layer - resize 50% - position in top left corner behind all layer except mask gradient glow x2.
C-N-P tol_key as new layer - resize 50% - mirror and position as shown - gradient glow x3.
C-N-P pearl jewel as new layer and resize 10% - on this you can duplicate and position as shown or however many you like - gradient glow.
C-N-P tol_beads as new layer and resize 50% - position on the right as shown (behind all but mask) - duplicate - mirror - flip.
C-N-P curtain as new layer and resize 50% - position as shown. 
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