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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Feel the Music


I use PSP XI but I am pretty sure any would work.

Kit : Lady Raven Creations Scraps - In a Funk VDay which you can find HERE

Tube of choice : I am using Angie Monasterio's Jem which you can find HERE

Open new image with a transparent image 500/500.
C-N-P frame 4 as a new layer and free rotate 90 to the left. Re-size 50% and make sure the re-size all layers is deselected.

With you magic wand tool click inside of your tag. I have my settings at :
Mode - Add(shift)
Match Mode - None
Contiguous selected
Feather 0
Now selection, modify, expand 4,New Raster Layer, C-N-P paper 11 into selection. Selections, select none. Move paper layer beneath the frame.

Open you tube and C-N-P  your tube as a new layer and position over your frame so that she will be sitting nicely inside the frame. Hide this layer. Hide paper layer.

Make your frame layer active and with you magic wand tool click inside of your tag. Same settings as before.
Now selection, modify, expand 4, and invert. Make your tube layer active and hit delete.Move the tube layer behind the frame and change blend mode to luminance L. Add a drop shadow to your frame layer and mege these three layers down. Crop around your entire tag to do away with bits of the unused tube.

Move your frame to the right and C-N-P your tube once more re-sizing by 90%, mirror image and position as shown.Add a drop shadow.

Open glitter and glitter 2. C-N-P glitter into tag and position behind all layers as shown. Repeat this step with glitter two placing it above the glitter layer, merge down, duplicate, and position as shown. Merge all glitter down.

Open tag 5, C-N-P as new layer and position behind frame and glitter layer. 

Open Trebleclef, re-size 50% and position as shown.

Open music note, re-size 30% and position as shown.

Open flourish 4 and re-size 60% position as shown.

Open butterfly 1, re-size 20%, position as shown and add a drop shadow.

Add all © and any other text and you are all done.

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