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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Beautiful Corruption


PSP XI is what I use for all of my tutorial. I also take it you have a working knowledge of PSP and at time may even find it necessary to read my mind or fill in the blanks.

Scrap Kit used : Beautiful Corrution by LadyRaven Creations found HERE

Tube of choice - I used Another Jess by Karolina Szafran aka Karincoma. You can find the artwork HERE

Open image 500 by 500 w/ transparent background.
Selections > select all > C-N-P paper4 into selection > selections > select none > C-N-P tube as new layer and resize 70% > position in center of canvas > C-N-P rose3 as new layer and resize 70% position this towards the top of the cavas, duplicate rose layer,flip and move towards the bottom of canvas, texture effects - Mosiac antique > make sure that these two layers are inside of the canvas layer and merge the two roses down > effects - distortion effects -spikey halo with the following settings - 0,0,50,20,50, black > open spiderweb 1 and C-N-P as new layer > open roses you would like to use ...I couldn't make up my mind so I used all of them, resize 30% and position as shown > add a drop shadow to your liking > open your two spiders > C-N-P > as new layer > resize 30% to the fist one and add a drop shadow > repeat on second spider but mirror image and position as shown > open candle 2 and resize 30%, position in center of spiders > open bling one and move behind tube layer and add a drop shadow > C-N-P flourish 1 as new layer and move behind tube layer > open tag 3 and resize 80% > add a drop shadow and position as shown > add name and all © info.

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