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Friday, January 1, 2010

Broken Smile


Scrap Kit used : Deadly Love ©Naughty's Creations found HERE

Mask Used : 318 By VixPsP found HERE

Tube : Black Tears ©Ted Hammond found HERE

  1. Open new blank image 500 by 500
  2. New layer flood fill with a red and black gradient. You can play around with the gradient until you get a nice one that you like. I made it simple a deep red on the right and black on the left,angle 58, repeats 1.
  3. Layers >> New Mask Layer >> From Image >> Select you mask 318 and make sure your invert mask data is deselected >> Merge group
  4. In your elements folder open dl-el3 >> c-n-p as new layer >> resize 85% but make sure that resize all layers is deselected >> add a drop shadow 0-0-100-11.00 ....Black
  5. Here comes the fun part. I am going to try to walk you through this and I hope you have some skills on here so you will know wth I am talking about. Go to your little preset shape button but choose the ellipse and then circle >> width like a 2 and foreground color white ...make the background transparent >> draw a circle over the right side of the frame over the circle of the frame box thing. ....Dont'cha just love my tuts?? Now use the edit button to get this as close to the inside of the frame as possible ...we hare going to be putting half of ol girl up in there.
  6. Now the c-n-p your tube in the center of that circle like mine and hide it.
  7. Make your vector layer active ..ohh hide all layer but this layer >> magic wand  and select the inside of your circle >> selections >> modify 1>> invert
  8. Make tube layer active >> delete >> selections none
  9. Delete the vector layer completely >> make all layers visible >> change tube layer blend mode to hard light.
  10. Eraser tool >> size 24 - hardness 37 - opacity 37 >> I kept all other settings at default >> now erase around the edge of the hand area so it isn't so chopped looking from the circle layer.
  11. Open dl-el23 >> c-n-p and re-size 50% >>position as shown and add a drop shadow.
  12. Open dl-el5 >> c-n-p and re-size 75% >> add a drop shadow
  13. Open dl-el11 and resize 90% and position as shown .. the bottom will be off of the canvas so move just the bottom up. The curve on the left of this embellishment should like up with the curve in the frame thingie >>Drop shadow.
  14. C-N-P tube and re-size 80% >> position as shown >> drop shadow
  15. Add your © info and any text you would like

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