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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Remember Haiti


Tube of choice. I am using the work of Emerald de Leeuw HERE

This scrap kit is a very special tribute to Haiti put together by the wonderful and talented Naughtys Creations. You can get this huge kit HERE
  1. Open blank canvas 550 x 550
  2. Open frame 1 and c-n-p as a new layer into your tag. Resize by 80% making sure the all layers button is deselected. Free rotate 90 to the right.
  3. Open paper 22 and c-n-p as new layer and then hide the layer.
  4. Make your frame layer active and with your magic wand tool select all areas inside the frame. Selections >> select all >> float >> defloat. 
  5. Make your paper layer active, now take your eraser tool and erase the background all the way around your frame and move the paper layer beneath the frame. Selections >> select none.
  6. Copy and paste your tube as a new layer and resize by 80% >> move behind frame and now duplicate your frame layer. Set your layer up so you have frame - tube - frame. Now with your eraser tool erase the top layer frame across her face and then make the tube layer active and erase all of the tube at the bottom that may be hanging out.
  7. C-n-p el87 as a new layer and duplicate and flip, merge down and position below bottom frame.
  8. Open el92 and c-n-p into tag. Position this to be your top layer.
  9. Open el10 and 11 and c-n-p as new layer >> resize 50% and position both as the bottm layer.
  10. Now on this step you can position it wherever you want. C-n-p el1 as a new layer and resize 50% I moved it to the bottom and lowered the opacity to like 50 so I could see her arm. I then erased the flag on her arm.
  11. Add all of your © and text and you are all done.

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