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Friday, January 8, 2010

Will get back to you on this.

(All of my tutorials use PSP  XI)

Scrap-Kit : Winter's Love by Wicked Princess and can be found HERE

Mask : WSL_Mask84 which you can get HERE

Tube of choice. I used this adorable little cookie poser called Laci Luv Fairy which you can find HERE

Filters : XERO Porcelain  
XENOFEX2 : Constellation 

Animation Shop

Open up a new image 500 by 500 >>flood fill white>>selections>>select all>c-n-p WP_WL_PP12 into slection>>layers>>new mask layer>>from imgage>>WSL_Mask84 and make sure the invert mask data is deselected>>layers >>merge>>merge group>>selections>>select none>>c-n-p  WP_WL_PAPERFRAMECIRCLE as new layer>>image>>resize 70%. Make sure that you do not resize all layers.>>open your poser laciluvCK1_3>>resize15% and position as shown>>drop shadow to your liking>>open poser 1_5 and resize 20>>position as shown>>now hide all layers except your circle frame>>c-n-p poser 1_4 as a new layer. Do not resize just position behind circle game and position so her face is center. Hide this layer so your only visible layer is your circle. With your magic wand selcect the inside of the tube ...make sure the frame is the active layer. Now sections invert and make your big poser active and hit delete. Apply the porcelain effect set at your preferred setting.>>C-N-P WP_WL_GLITTERSPRAY>>resize 65% and position at the bottom right of frame>>duplicate layer>>mirror>>merge two spray layers down and duplicate 2 more times now rename the bottom spray 1>>middle 2>>top3>>We are going to apply constellation to the 2 and 3 layer only with these setting 

Star Size: 2
Variation: 40
Density: 70
Overall Density: 0
Overdrive: 100
Twinkle: 40
Rotation: 45
Make image transparent

Apply this to your spay>>apply to spray 3 hitting random seed once.>>Open WP_WL_FLOWERFLOURISH and c-n-p and position between the frame and the poser as shown.>> Open WP_WL_FLOURISH>>resize 70%>>flip and position as shown.>> Open WP_WL_ROSECORSAGE>>resize 40>>free rotate 15 to the left>>position as shown>>open WP_WL_STRINGCURLIE>>resize 40>>duplicate 3 times and position all three in different ares behind the rose.>>Open WP_WL_SATINBOW>>resize 30 and position as shown.

Now put any text and make sure to put the © info

Ok now we are going to animate and after doing this  I realized that part of our sparkled spray was like on her nose and it was driving me nuts so I simply took my eraser tool and got rid of that on both layers 2 and 3. Now Hide layer 3>>copy merged and paste into AS>>back in PS hide layer 2 and make 3 visible>>copy merged>>paste after selected in AS and save. :) All done.

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